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From reputation to the BeRuf

OurOffer is a valuable support andaenrichment for​​

  • Pupils

  • gymnasts

  • university graduates

  • Schools and institutions (e.g. project weeks on the subject of career choice)

  • People, who are at the beginning of their working life 

  • Professionals who make a stopover on their career path


With the outdoor process work and coaching tools you get what you need so that you can make the right decisions that promise long-term satisfaction and development. Whether you are at the beginning of a professional career or already in the middle of your professional life, each and every one of us wants long-term Find fulfillment in your job. But it takes courage to take a step...or a foothold.

We encourage and accompany you.

Sepp Zahner and Aurel Bojescu

Requests & offers

please viamail/website formulate your wish. We are also happy to prepare an offer for institutions and authorities. a project byZythus time house

Flyer for download

The course management

The path is created by walking it! 

We accompany you.

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